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  1. Anyone have any stats, in terms of percentage of games out of 162, on how often 6-man rotations were used across baseball in 2018?
  2. Yes, when I said I was "ready to roll," I forgot about the pen. I was hoping they would pursue Miller. Not sure how I feel about Britton; I don't know anything about Ottavino. Also they have to make a decision about Clint Frazier.
  3. Who wants Machado here? I don't. Happy with the current roster, even keeping Gray - could do a 6-man. I don't like trading low on guys. Sanchez is a home-grown guy. It was nice Cashman came out and said there was nothing to the Reammuto talks. Hope he feels the same way about Andujar. . . .
  4. I agree - although the Yanks are usually decent about such things. C.C. got his bump last year, though his circumstances were and are a bit different. . . .
  5. https://elitesportsny.com/2018/12/20/new-york-yankees-details-of-j-a-happs-option-for-2021-revealed/
  6. It seems it vests with 165 innings or 27 starts. Seems kinda high to me. If he repeats his solid 2017 season, for example, it doesn't vest.
  7. Does anyone know the details of the vesting option?
  8. If I'm the Yanks, I wouldn't hesitate offering him 55 for 3.
  9. Haven't heard specific money discussed in relation to this guy. What kind of contract will he end up getting? 70 mil for 3? 80 for 4?
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