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  1. I'm starting him over M. Sanders vs NE, PPR
  2. Great PPR dynasty stash, imo. Even if he's just Theo Reddick 2.0
  3. Walton suspended for four games. I wonder if they knew this was coming before trading Drake last week? Gas can time? Yes, i play dynasty.
  4. I'm starting him over Hollywood. So he's going to have 10 touches for 30 yds, fumble once and catch 1/2 targets.
  5. 2nd part of this clip is the infamous overthrow. For what it's worth (not much), i've just been itching to see anything he did from last week myself.
  6. Some good names mentioned here. I'm curious about Brian Hill as well. Showed some juice last week. That entire offense is terrible, but i wonder if he can catch when they are behind? (If Freeman misses any time of course. Ito has already missed time.) Probably more of a end of bench dynasty asset than anything.
  7. Carson got hurt in practice this week. I'm thinking of firing Ty up if Carson sits. If anything he's a strong hold to see what happens. I know most people are just trolling on these forums, but sounds like the box score didn't tell the complete story of his week 8.
  8. Found a different angle of that video posted earlier. It's the second video in the Tweet. That finish... 👀👀👀
  9. I'm mostly worried about draft pedigree with him. What did those other teams shy away from? That said, Aaron Jones was pick 182 in 2017. Ty was 186 in 2019.
  10. It's fun to speculate. I remember this video from earlier and he's had me intrigued ever since. Good lotto ticket imo, especially if they don't sign anyone (they will.)
  11. Good day today. Soaked up some of those Thielen targets. If he misses time, Irv might start to produce.
  12. Big time matchup. Would you guys start Devonta, Scantling or Hollywood Brown? I am favored to win by Yahoo, if that matters. Thanks so much! PPR
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