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  1. Been angling on Cephus. Think he takes over for Marvin next year. Managed to acquire Edmonds and Penny as possible lead backs for their teams next year. Hard to say what's going to happen with so many good RBs on the market this offseason, but I'm just trying to capture some lighting in a bottle. I'm also trying to move quickly on some of these deals. This season is shot for me and If the season gets cancelled, I want to get these deals done beforehand with teams who think they are in the hunt.
  2. Not crazy about that either. But “testing” sounds a decent distance from “playing and leading this backfield”. I’m hoping the Rams lose today and the Vikes rule them both out.
  3. Reminder: If the Rams lose on Saturday, the Vikings are locked into the playoffs. I think that would make their decision to sit Cook and/or Mattison much easier.
  4. I would say massive variance. I think he's a lock for minimum 7 targets. But he could end up with 4-60 or something like that. On the other hand, if Houston keys on Perriman (and why wouldn't you), he could end up with 12 targets and a huge stat line. I'm mostly concerned with this pie being divided too many ways between wr/te/rbs. But I'm assuming HOU is going to be able to score a bunch of points so I expect there to be a bunch of volume to go around. Who will get it is the question.
  5. Not quite accurate. He only played 56% of snaps, most of those coming after Godwin left the game I believe.
  6. Perriman obviously getting all the love after 3td blowup. But Watson is more relevant than ever with Godwin out. Winston has had fewer than 40 att only twice in his last 9 games (and twice more than 50). So there will be targets to go around. Question for me is where do they go. I expect Watson to get 6-7 but will that be enough for those of us who are desperate. HOU has actually been somewhat stingy against WR of late and very generous to TE.
  7. This is the exact question for me. If Ramsey takes away metcalf and others I like Lockett a lot more
  8. Sounds like an in practice injury.... John Glennon @glennonsports 7h Official Titans inj report: —No practice for Sims and Gilbert. —Henry, who left practice early, was limited with hamstring. —Others limited were Cruikshank, D Jones, Sharpe, Kalu, Jackson. Beat Writer / Columnist
  9. Reportedly “left early” do sounds like it was something during practice.
  10. No chatter on Robby. Seems to be finding a bit of a groove and has a couple nice matchups coming.
  11. Solid performance with Shaub, can only get better with Ryan, no? Thinking about grabbing him cheap. Would love to hear some thoughts about ROS outlook.
  12. I just like the word.... Clavicle, clavicle, clavicle.
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