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  1. The show goes on! What kind of averages can we expect once KAT comes back? Can they co-exist on the floor?
  2. Dude is killing it today with LMA and Kawhi out 19-5-4 with 4 stocks and 2 3s Any chance he can keep this up while the bigwigs are out?
  3. Harris is putting up Top 30 numbers on the season. Easy decision.
  4. I'd add Kuzma if you absolutely must drop Dinwiddie. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691372-wall-mitchell-and-fournier-for-curry-and-murray/
  5. It's close, but I'd pull the trigger. JRich is a multi-cat beast and has nowhere to go but up given injuries to Waiters and Tyler Johnson, and Embiid's game speaks for itself. You would be selling low on Myles Turner and Otto Porter though.
  6. It’s close, but I’d go with AG and his across the board contributions and Low TO rate. Mitchell could also very well hit the rookie wall. I’d sell high on Donovan.
  7. Butler side. Gary Harris has been as solid as it gets and is perpetually underrated, Butler’s been trending upwards and AG’s been trending downwards. Blake, as always, is a big question mark with health/shutdown risks, especially if LAC decide to tank.
  8. Give: John Wall, Donovan Mitchell and Evan Fournier Receive: Steph Curry, Jamal Murray Worth what I'm giving up to acquire Steph? Team is in sig. WHIR!
  9. Highway robbery. Jokic is primed for a big year and alone is worth more than Gasol + Crowder
  10. Looking to pick up Jeremy Lamb given his strong preseason and Batum's injury (out 8-12 weeks). Drop candidates: Patty Mills, Jaylen Brown, Brandon Ingram, Will Barton, John Collins Team is in my sig. Drop a link
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