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  1. Over the last month he's the 28th best player in my league.
  2. What kind of numbers do you expect him to put up for the Pacers, when he's back to full go?
  3. Spicy has COVID? Does this mean he's gonna die?
  4. At least 2 games. The Nets are going to take it slow with him.
  5. Just read he's out 2 weeks with a torn hamstring.
  6. Whenever he's on the court I get rock hard.
  7. How many more beck to back games does he have?
  8. Does NBC still own the name "Rotoworld"? If not, I'm gonna start my own website called Rotoworld and you're all invited!
  9. Was this his coming out off the closet party.
  10. You have a patch of hair at the head of your penis?
  11. Glad I didn't take any of your advice and went with Kanter instead.
  12. Announced as starter. He's gonna be a monster for the next 8 weeks.
  13. Millennials like saying stocks because they think it makes them sound cool.
  14. Which C do you like best ROS, with Nurkic out 8 weeks?
  15. Nets made the trade because they're concerned Kyrie will be out a while, possibly the entire season.
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