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  1. Did you miss Luzardo's start today. He absolutely shat himself on the field.
  2. I'm starting him with confidence. I'm a Jays fan and have been following his progress. He's in for a massive season.
  3. He's in for a huge season, and yes he is expected to start this week, possibly Monday.
  4. How long do you guys plan on holding?
  5. My informed speculation says he's out a minimum of another 2 weeks.
  6. Looking like a massive steal as my 5th OF.
  7. I believe he still has options with the Jays, no?
  8. Reese does have a sweet stroke. He sure knows how to rub one out of the ball park.
  9. Wats the story with this guy being undrafted?
  10. I need to decide who to drop to activate Bam. Tyrese Halliburton, Chris Boucher or Kelly Oubre?
  11. So does this mean he plays Tuesday?
  12. So he's expected to play 30 plus minutes going forward, assuming no foul trouble?
  13. Let's see what happens when Wall returns this week. It's millennials like you who are clueless when you make definitive statements after 2 games 🙄
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