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  1. You have a patch of hair at the head of your penis?
  2. Glad I didn't take any of your advice and went with Kanter instead.
  3. Announced as starter. He's gonna be a monster for the next 8 weeks.
  4. Millennials like saying stocks because they think it makes them sound cool.
  5. Which C do you like best ROS, with Nurkic out 8 weeks?
  6. Nets made the trade because they're concerned Kyrie will be out a while, possibly the entire season.
  7. I watch all Raptor games and his increase in production is directly correlated to him decision to take the ball to the hoop and stop hanging out on the 3 point line all game.
  8. This dude is performing like a 3rd rounder, not a first rounder.
  9. I dropped him earlier today for his bro.
  10. Which of these boners do you like best this season? Tyrese Haliburton or Lemelo Ball?
  11. In a points league: Lonzo Ball for Coby White
  12. Can he keep last night up all season long?
  13. There's debate on that. But I don't think anyone has said he has COVOID, only that it is related to contact tracing.
  14. Fun fact: proportionally women carry more water weight than men.
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