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  1. Top 10 finish and first round pick in fantasy next season.
  2. Where do you guys rank him in terms of fantasy centres this season? Worth owning in shallow leagues?
  3. Why did Detroit give this guy $20 million per season? Looks like a bust.
  4. He had an off night shooting the ball. The big takeaway was the number of shots he took. He's going to be a fantasy stud with that volume.
  5. He's looked scary good this pre-season. Could be looking at a top 10 season here.
  6. I'm considering not starting him this week because he's been so unreliable. So that means he'll have a monster game.
  7. 6 drops in 2 weeks is unacceptable. A lot of elite guys don't have 6 drops in a season.
  8. Seems like there's always something with this guy.
  9. This is why I traded for him, for his playoff schedule.
  10. Smart decision. I'm predicting 130 yards and a TD!
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