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  1. Hearing some rumblings Gurley might get shut down for the season.
  2. Maybe Thielen hit the strip club by himself after the game?
  3. I hope you are right, but the fact that it is only him, might suggest he actually tested positive.
  4. What insight do you have on Manning's GM qualifications? Does great QB = great GM?
  5. FYI Brees is injured and not playing this week.
  6. and I answered.... It can't get any worse so, I don't think so. Truth is, Brees throws it all over the field. Hill or Winston may lock on to Thomas. So what's the deal? Seems like a logical answer in a prism of possible answers. Let it go. Move on if you don't like it. It kills Michael Thomas's value. Brees is known for locking in on Thomas. Your response is not logical. Thanks for coming out.
  7. Guess you haven't been paying attention the last few years. Aside from a couple games this season, Brees locks in on Thomas.
  8. Probably kills Michael Thomas's value, right?
  9. Terrible decision. His schedule looks good rest of the season.
  10. Always start your studs. If Lockett is active, he's in my lineup.
  11. I'm concerned with that as well, but it is so tempting to start him...last time he played Arizona earlier this season, he had 200 yard, and 3 TD.
  12. The question is whether he's running gingerly, or whether he's just slowing down.
  13. 18 carries, 136 yards, 5 receptions for 44 yards. 3 total TDs.
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