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  1. He's got COVID. Tell me what you're seeing in that video.
  2. Sounds like he might miss a game or two. Tough timing with the Giants now in first place after today's win.
  3. I thought he was supposed to be a WR1 league winner?
  4. Congrats to all GMs who started him today! It was a good idea in theory!
  5. Fantasy Doc, David Chao thinks he may not miss any time.
  6. Ankle. Looked like opposing defender grabbed his ankle and tried to twist it on purpose. Have to just hope it's a regular ankle sprain and not high ankle variety.
  7. I've gained some respect for Ronald Jones this season. I always thought he was a bum.
  8. Yep, that's why it's hard to tell what his status is. Hopefully it was something minor and they were just resting him.
  9. Did not see him walk off. He was targeted in the end zone, the pass was almost intercepted, and after that he did not return to the game. IIRC that was at the end of the 3rd or early 4th quarter so he missed approximately an entire quarter.
  10. Yes hopefully. But we may not know for sure until Wednesday.
  11. Yes he returned for one play then left the game and never returned. I watched the entire game.
  12. He sure looks fine on the sideline, but nice call.
  13. Lots of times these guys pretend to be injured after they fumble the ball.
  14. Hearing some rumblings Gurley might get shut down for the season.
  15. Maybe Thielen hit the strip club by himself after the game?
  16. I hope you are right, but the fact that it is only him, might suggest he actually tested positive.
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