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  1. Please provide your input here, thanks! Is it close enough where it's fair for either side?
  2. would he want jefferson for swift? Or do you value Jefferson more than McLaurin?
  3. Just FYI Vikings just traded Yannick away. They are going full rebuild and that defense just got worst....
  4. I think in a vacuum this is accurate. But taking into the account the RB situation this year, no one is giving up their borderline RB1 for Justin Jefferson.
  5. For those that would trade him, or even for those that are thinking about trading him, what equal type of RB would you take/give for JJ? What is his comparable RB value?
  6. you quite possibly might be the most annoying poster on this forum. And that’s saying a lot.
  7. @BGDDYKWL should honestly just trade Henry from all your teams already so I don't have to keep reading your negative takes in this thread.
  8. Could have been worse. He got you 29 yards and a TD. He also gets a week 6 bye; he should be fine to return for the rest of his season.
  9. but he's not Mr. Glass. 2017- 16 games played 2018 - 16 games played 2019 - 16 games played Come on people.
  10. He's been on the outside the majority of his snaps.
  11. Gilmore probably played the Chiefs with the virus and was still in the incubation period with a low viral load to not be detected. And the Chiefs will probably now have an outbreak. this is fine.
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