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  1. I think you may be right. Such a shame.
  2. All slumps start from mechanical issues, and some eventually become mental. He's clearly in the mental stage. However, it takes very little to come out of it and I believe in Shaw. After all, he's been hitting against MLB-caliber pitching since middle school. He probably just needs to spend a couple of days in the cage swinging against his Dad until he gets back on track. His teammate Ryan Braun raised his OPS by 160 points in the last three games. It happens. According to the play-by-play, he hit a couple of line drives yesterday, so maybe he is getting close. According to Baseball
  3. I have been noticing this guy because I was following Senzel's progress in AAA last week. Apparently, the two of them are good friends and former roommates. Having VanMeter around may help Senzel feel more comfortable. And the reverse. There was a game last week when Louisville won something like 23-2, where VanMeter hit three HRs and drove in 8. I did some digging and found an article where he discussed changing his hitting approach slightly, but I don't remember the details. He's a normal-sized kid--but so were Howard Johnson and Ron Gant, who were perpetual 30-HR threats, for those old
  4. I think this is actually going to be year 23, so almost. I've come close, though. For instance there was the year I lost on the final day because Cliff Lee decided to sit out his last start. Memories.
  5. CarGo is starting to warm up. Remember, he missed all of spring training and only played about a week of games in AAA before being recalled, so his timing has been off. He's been hitting a ton of ground balls. Anyway, he hit his second HR today, and is up to 8 runs and 5 RBI in 12 games, with a .261 AVE and .320 OBP. Not great, but you could do worse. Both his HR have come in the last four games. He's also rotating between hitting third, fifth, and sixth. At the start of this thread, I pegged him for .270-20-70, and he is pretty much on that slope. Whether that's useful obviously dep
  6. Too many short-term thinkers here. I haven't won my league in nearly a quarter century--longer than most of you have probably been alive. Because the league pre-dates automated stat services, we can only pick up free agents every few weeks--so you can't do well simply by being more active than other managers, and a simultaneous rash of injuries will decimate your team. I have a gift for taking players for the worst year of their career. Last year it was Altuve, the prior year it was Correa. This year I made sure to draft Sale and Shaw. Yay me. What's another year.
  7. No one has commented on Bruce recently. He's luke-warm--six for his last 18 with 2 HRs, but his walks are down. As others have mentioned, in 2016-17 he averaged around .252, 34 HR, 100 RBI. Those are pretty good numbers if he can replicate them. Note that Joey Gallo has averaged around .208, 40, 86 the past two years. His exit velocity is up, his launch angle is up, his hard hit% is up--they are all actually higher than since those numbers have started to be measured. Maybe he has reinvented his swing.
  8. OK. I don't think we need to go here to discuss whether CarGo will be able to contribute, but anyway: Last year, Coors had the second highest park factor, behind whatever the stadium in Arlington is called now. Progressive Field was tied for fourth. The difference is smaller than you think. Let's look at the pitching staffs of the other teams in their divisions for 2018. How about we look at batting average against instead of runs given up or ERA. Other teams in the AL Central: Twins (.256), Tigers (.258), White Sox (.254), Royals (.275). Average: .261 Other teams
  9. Right. One reason why he is fascinating is to see how he performs away from Coors. Again, he has claimed through the years that he has trouble hitting on the road because the movement isn't as flat as it is at Coors and he has had trouble adjusting. I suspect that his numbers will be roughly the same as his season totals the past few years, which would put him roughly average in OPS, but we will see.
  10. The roster spot issue is a fair point for players like CarGo. Of course, it depends on your settings. If your league only allows weekly lineup changes, for instance, then there is a lower cost than one that has daily changes, obviously, where you might want to use that spot for a reliever, for instance. In daily-change leagues, he's probably worth simply keeping an eye on him, and there's no reason to grab him before he has actually been called up and it seems like he is playing regularly. Where I'm coming from, in my primary, moderately-deep league, we have weekly lineups, and posit
  11. Lol, No, I'm suffering from Iremember1993andIusedtohaveLarryWalkerandEllisBurksonmyteam. Things are very different! Regardless, I'm fascinated to find out whether CarGo is accurately describing things, or he is making excuses for his huge home-away splits over the last few years. I also have a vague recollection that there was some reason that he suffered a falloff a couple of years ago--I can't recall if he had a death in his family, or he took the civil unrest in Venezuela harder than others. Maybe someone will know. For goodness sakes, folks are getting on the Jason Heyward b
  12. I do. No doubt there is some risk here, but I believe he is a better bet than at least the bottom quartile of MLB starting corner OFs. It depends how deep your league is. The 20 HR figure depends on his playing time and injuries, of course. Coors doesn't have the impact on offense as it used to. However, it still influences the movement of pitches. He has stated pretty consistently over the years that he's had trouble adjusting on the road because of that difference in pitch movement. That will no longer be a factor, and now he will be playing in all those AL bandboxes. He's ham
  13. I think Carlos will be called up soon. He is hammering the ball in AAA and his OBP is nearly .500. is he ever going to be a star again? Not very likely. But if he gets consistent playing time--which it appears he will--I don't think a .270-20-70 line is unreasonable. And with that OBP, I could envision him hitting second. For deep leagues, getting that sort of production at zero cost could be quite helpful. In my view, he's worth keeping a close eye on.
  14. He needs to face Trevor Rosenthal.
  15. Apparently, he's "available to pinch hit" today, for whatever that's worth.
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