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  1. I like that deal for you but I am not that high on Baez. I also think Cease will have a pretty good year.
  2. I can only keep 4 of these guys. We have to keep at least 1 pitcher so I am keeping Bauer. You can see that stats we use and how Yahoo projects them all. I am keeping Trea Turner and Trout for sure. That leaves 2 slots to fill. I am leaning Machado and LeMahieu. I have tried to make a trade but nobody is biting. I am even willing to trade away Trout, while his name value is still top notch, but nobody wants to trade.
  3. Trade 1 is definitely easy yes and drop the 2 you mentioned. Trade 2 i would probably pass, but I really like the upside of Lamet. Help with mine please.
  4. Definitely no. Keep Soto. Then keep Max and Rizzo. Max is still solid this year and Rizzo is a top 10 1b, which has become the weakest position these days. Help with mine please.
  5. 10 team H2H league. We count 11 hitter and 11 pitcher categories. We have to keep exactly 5. 1 Pitcher, 1 Hitter and 3 Any. I am keeper Bauer at SP. Then I am keeping Trout, Machado & Trea Turner. That leaves one keeper spot out of Arenado, Devers and LaMahieu. I was thinking of offering any of all of those 3 for Bieber since I can't keep all 3. Pairing Bauer and Bieber would be huge.
  6. Toronto sounds like a possibility. That would hurt all 3 players here, but Boucher would get the worst of it by far. It's basically a 1 for 1 then. I also have an offer of Booker and D Murray for Booker, which is tempting but i love Trae too much. Plus it's a weekly lineup so i would end up sitting really good players if I accept both. I can drop Theis, Clarkson and Schroder and Dragic, but everyone is solid. We keep 3. We start PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Utl, Utl. 11 categories FG%, FTM, FT%, 3's, Pts, OBoards, DBoards, Assts, Stl, Blk, TO. My current team. PG. Tra
  7. I agree. Allen could be really solid but Ayton is better. Take it.
  8. We count O and D boards. 11 total stats. I still have Vucevic, Harrell and Bam but it still hurts losing the boards, blocks and steals of Drummond. I would drop Dragic and Clarkson. I have VanVleet, Trae, Brogdon, Middleton and Bojan.
  9. Forget it. I already decided to reject the offer.
  10. 10 team H2H league. We count 11 categories. FG%, FTM, FT%, 3's, Pts, O-boards, D-boards, Assists, Steals, Blocks & TO's. We can also keep up to 3, with no limit on years kept. Weekly lineup. Because we start 2 centers and we count both O & D Boards. I like having a lot of centers. Even with my current amazing group of bigs, I am still losing blocks every week. I still think I would be fine at PG. Plus I get great assists out of non-PG like Middleton & Bam and even Vuch. My Team: PG. Trae Young SG. VanVleet G: M Brogdon SF: Middleton PF: Ba
  11. Solid team for a 12 team league. I agree that you should get another big though.
  12. I am a little confused. Can you also keep Porzingas and JJJ? If yes, then F yes, keep them too. I like both but if i had to choose, i would take Porzingas. Neither i would keep over the guys you listed. Very good group of keepers by the way. Not sure how you manage all that.
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