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  1. Anybody concerned with the dip in FG% the last few weeks? Seems to be a trend.
  2. Had a small scare with ankle injury towards the end of the half. Hopefully it's nothing major.
  3. Some of the Rotoworld writers are just bad in general. The tweet that the writer linked to clearly said Baynes over Ayton. I e-mailed Rotoworld already many times, but I really wish they would attribute each RW post to a writer, so we know who is writing those blurbs. Because, let's be honest, some of the writers have no clue whatsoever when it comes to fantasy basketball advice.
  4. I think so. Powell is playing well mainly due to KP6 being injured. For ROS, I'd take a shot at Damion Lee
  5. Are they from the 2050 class or something? I don't recognize any of those names 😉 You posted in the wrong message board my friend.
  6. Come on man ... Brook Lopez is miles miles miles ahead of Kanter in value. I can't believe he's considering it even.
  7. All of you bashing Conley and thinking hes not even worth a stash in 14 team leagues, he will come back with a vengeance and make yall eat crow. Full Disclosure: I traded for him everywhere I could (lol)
  8. Nott all of them are accurate. For example BBM expects WCJ to be back on the 18th, but I am thinking that injury is a monther
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, there is light at the end of the tunnel
  10. He's got March 20th circled. Whoever has Butler that week of playoffs will potentially feast.
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