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  1. I would not take Dame over Luka, Giannis or Kat. They all provide more overall stats than Dame. No real wrong choice just depends on how you want to build. Giannis will hurt FT% so if with him then maybe punt FT%. If don't want to punt FT% then Kat or Luka. Kat will probably have the slightly better value since higher %s, boards, and blocks. Luka will get more assists, slightly more steals and less injury concern perhaps. I would probably roll Kat but there is not wrong choice here. Just who you feel good about and how you want to build team.
  2. I would probably go Jokic since cat league. Dame is nice but I think Jokic and Giannis give more overall stats. So its really Giannis v. Jokic. The biggest problem for Giannis is the FT%. His FT% is low and he takes a lot. That will kill your FT%. So I would value Jokic slightly more just because way better FT%. If you don't care about FT% then Giannis.
  3. If punting rebounds I would. If you want to compete in rounds the no.
  4. I would roll with Williams out of the guys you listed. Its a bad matchup but game script is for ground and pound so I think Williams will get a lot of work and has the highest floor. Sanders is interesting but his ankle and QB are enough to scare me away right now. Thanks for the help with mine.
  5. Wallace. Goodwin has a bad matchup and too many targets in NE for Hogan to be reliable. Flacco is throwing better and downfield to Wallace and it is a good matchup. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689822-championship-wright-or-cole-whir/
  6. Foles Kamara and McCaffrey Jones, Hopkins and Bryant (Dez is close, but Dallas will feed Zeke and Pitt's matchup against Houston is really nice) Olson Flex: Lewis Vikings http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689822-championship-wright-or-cole-whir/
  7. Olson. I am riding with Olson this week as well. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689822-championship-wright-or-cole-whir/
  8. Davis and Coleman. Not a fan of white because still has to compete with Lewis and Gillislee.
  9. Stafford. He is going against a tougher D but it feels like the game in GB will be ground heavy given the weather. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689822-championship-wright-or-cole-whir/
  10. Baldin, Cooks and Gordon. Risky, but all WRs for PPR and all have huge upside. Granted more risk but you are already down so figure swing big.
  11. AJG, Woods and Bryant http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689822-championship-wright-or-cole-whir/
  12. PPR. I lost Adams and need a replacement. Got both Keelan Cole and Kendall Wright off the wire. I am leaning Cole but Hurns is expected back which makes me nervous. Wright has a ton of targets but supposed to be cold and windy in CHI so game probably favors the run. Stick or Cole or go with Wright? Thanks in advance and please leave a link.
  13. Antonio Brown Rob Gronkowski Mark Ingram (depends on FA and what happens) Davante Adams Tyreek Hill Zach Ertz Deshaun Watson (I like him but don't keep a QB) Thanks for the help with mine.
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