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  1. I can’t find any info on him from today after the Raiders said they were going to see how he felt after Friday’s practice. Are we really gonna roll with him if he’s active??
  2. Who is getting the first team carries in practice? I don't see any of the Lions beat writers reporting on it...
  3. I thought I'd reply to this even thought it's years later as I spent hours researching this topic with a ton of conflicting answers. I had a player on IR who went from OUT to QUESTIONABLE. I proposed a trade with another team for a straight 1:1 swap - my WR for his QB. Yahoo allowed the trade to process, we had the "waiting period", last night it posted as successful and the players were traded. So it does in fact allow this to happen. Just to try things out, I attempted to pick up a player off of the wire and it flagged the move as having an ineligible player in the IR spot and wo
  4. Anyone know what his Yahoo "status" will be this week? I'm guessing it stays at "Q" rather than "O" since they are on a bye and I don't think have to hand in an injury report.
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