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  1. And...the only remaining player from that season is Harden.
  2. Out again tonight. It's killing me him being out. But his results when he plays is just what is needed, just hope that he can return sooner rather than later.
  3. I bet he plays and that management is just giving this warning as a 'cover your butts' type of thing just in case he does have to sit out. My guess is 97% chance he is on the court tonight.
  4. I never said retire in the post, just said who comes back first.
  5. It will interesting to see who comes back first....Gronk, Luck, or Mel Gordon. I believe that all 3 eventually come back and play...it's just when. If I had to guess, I would put them in this order: 1. Gronk 2. Mel Gordon 3. Luck (at least prob 1-2 years away for him)
  6. Looks like the Blue Jays will be bulking today. Reports have either Brock Stewart or Zack Godley as the bulker, but nothing confirmed yet.
  7. The only downside is that next season he will only be OF eligible instead of 2B/SS/OF elig. Unless of course he starts playing more 2B or something in the next few weeks. Still loving the production though....
  8. He could possibly be the Eovaldi of last season that the Yanks need for a playoff run. (let's just hope that the 2020 Severino is better than the follow up 2019 Eovaldi that we have seen).
  9. Was just optioned to AAA. https://twitter.com/brianmctaggart/status/1157118344815947778
  10. Gotta start to wonder when the Phils will start or even pitch him again. Tomorrow will be a week since his last time on the mound.
  11. When they played interleague games last season, did Cruz play the field, or were those games he sat out completely? Didn't own him last season and just seeing how that would affect his PT.
  12. Anyone else concerned about this knee issue? Or you think this was just him 'resting'?
  13. Hawks' Kevin Huerter: Game-time call vs. Houston 4 mins ago | by RotoWire Staff Huerter (ankle) is questionable for Monday's game against the Rockets, Kevin Chouinard of the Hawks' official site reports. Huerter has missed two consecutive games due to a left ankle sprain, but his return could come as soon as Monday in Houston. Look for an update on his status closer to tipoff, but if he's unable to go, expect Kent Bazemore to draw another start at shooting guard.
  14. Anyone want to guess as what his ROS avg will be? If indeed he is recovered from his neck, I could possibly see him 12/5. Which would be a nice boost for the fantasy playoff stretch.
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