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  1. Has there been any type of news or anything as to when he may return? I haven't seen any... I am in a 14 team league where he is somewhat valuable when he plays, but losing him daily like this, well...it's been frustrating.
  2. Bog is the pick here. He's been heating up recently the last few games as well.
  3. I would drop Stewart and get KPJ as quickly as possible.
  4. My gut tells me to just stick with Conley in this scenario. Smart is a very very close second, but i am afraid that with the new acquisition of Fournier, that they may choose to rest Smart a tad bit more than they normally would. But again, they may not, but i would still stick with Conley.
  5. Wait it out. And with Danilo playing strong with Hunter out, there's no telling what his PT will be like once he returns to full strength. I would almost say Hunter is the cut. But if you don't want to do that, then Poetl would be the next cut for me. Help here?
  6. I agree with the others. If you are looking for consistency, then go with Plumlee. If you are wanting the guy who provides the most upside and you want to take the high risk, high reward route, then go with Wendell. Help here?
  7. Yes, Poetl would be the drop I would make. Help here?
  8. I think Justin Holiday is the drop for you here. Help here please?
  9. If JJJ would ever come back, I think he would be add. If LMA lands in a great spot, he could be a great late playoff run add. If it was me, I would hedge my bets on JJJ. Help here please?
  10. i concur, Poetl and Al are the drops here for Nurkic and Joel. Help here please?
  11. I think your team looks fine. I would hold onto Siakam. Help here please?
  12. With Theis being traded, I like Williams better here. Help here:
  13. Looking to acquire some assets for a keeper since my team is completely out of it this year. Who would you rather have in a H2H points based league for the next 3 seasons. Julius Randle or Bam Adebayo and why?
  14. And...the only remaining player from that season is Harden.
  15. Out again tonight. It's killing me him being out. But his results when he plays is just what is needed, just hope that he can return sooner rather than later.
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