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  1. The Texans O-Line is horrid, so there's a great chance Duke Johnson gets a lot of run regardless of what they do to replace Miller
  2. Texans like multiple facets Duke Johnson brings Aaron Wilson , Houston Chronicle Aug. 21, 2019 Updated: Aug. 21, 2019 9:05 p.m. Comments Texans running back Duke Johnson turns upfield after making a catch during Wednesday’s training camp session. Photo: Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer The Texans’ vision for new running back Duke Johnson has taken on a familiar look. It’s reminiscent of the multidimensional way the defending AFC South champions utilized retired Pro Bowl running
  3. Moose had a nice game tonight. He found Daniels for the game winner while saving a ball going out of bounds.
  4. Canaan definitely a factor in the win over the Grizz. Ladies and Gents, we have officially have something here.
  5. OK I'll concede it looks like he's priced like a high-end RB2 and that's how it turned out. I didn't realize he was 15 ppg in PPR.
  6. I think I'm OK with bullish people drafting in the 3rd and bearish in the 6th.
  7. Right and if people had drafted McCaffery in the 5th or 6th ... where he belonged ... they'd probably be fine with that as well.
  8. I said "Through the fifth round I have to know with certainty my picks will be on the field and getting sufficient opportunities. ". I didn't say anything about RBs or that they had to be sure things. This year you could get guys like Davante Adams and Michael Crabtree in the 5th and those were my targets
  9. And if the Saints were still a 65% pass / 35% run team you'd say that was about right. Amazingly they flipped to 45% pass / 55% run.
  10. I still see Drake as a speculative pick. Even if you believe that Williams is a scrub, you don't know the coaches are going to agree with you. Through the fifth round I have to know with certainty my picks will be on the field and getting sufficient opportunities. So this year, a Drake equivalent would be a guy like Christian McCaffery ... who went in the third but who was over-drafted. And by the way there's another example of a between the tackles guy versus an edge guy.
  11. Things will change. But under the assumption that there are no significant changes, where do you draft Drake next year?
  12. This has become tiresome. We'll have to agree to disagree. For the record, how are you valuing Drake in next year's draft. For me he's a 6th rounder.
  13. You are the one that's blind my friend. You would have no idea what the coaches are thinking if I wasn't here to spell it out for you. I often disagree with what coaches are doing and I'm in this forum posting about it. But I always make sure I understand their perspective. I've found that this helps me predict who will be on the field and what opportunities they will be given. This by the way is helpful in fantasy football. Blindly disagreeing with someone who's being paid handsomely to do a job is foolish.
  14. Sorry I'm dyslexic. I meant to say Hearns and Mickens at Y, Cole Mainly at X. Y=Slot X= Split End Z=Flanker
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