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  1. They've played great. Duncan is the most underrated HOFer I've personally seen in sports. He gets little attention, mostly because of his personality, or lack of one. Duncan for Finals MVP if the Spurs win another one and the contributions by the players are similar to the games so far. Kawhi arguably deserves it also, but Duncan is the heart and anchor of the team. His numbers are not the best, but his presence is definitely most valuable. Spurs have a chance without Kawhi, but no chance without Duncan. Plus, while watching this game, I notice how the Spurs do not show their emotion
  2. Add Carlos Boozer to the list of non-impressive, non-HOF level teammates of Lebron. Boozer at age 22(pre-prime) for one year while Lebron was a rookie. Probably the Cavaliers' biggest personnel blunder during LeBron's entire time there was the way they handled the Boozer situation. Just unfathomably stupid. Larry Hughes multi-year contract says hello. You're right though - letting Boozer walk for free was a huge blunder.
  3. That's beautiful. sniff. That ball movement and moving without the ball. Ball never touches the floor and Green is also wide open on the other side.
  4. As a George owner, I wish Granger was healthy. He would have a much better line with someone else to carry the offensive load. His contributions across the board have increased with his minutes - if he could hit shots at 43% instead of 38%, he would be the guy everyone thought they were drafting.
  5. If Granger misses time, George's counting stats will go up, but so will his TO. I can also see him shoot more like 41-42% if he is asked to carry the offensive load.
  6. I don't see the Gay comparison aside from their build and length, since Gay was way more polished with his offensive game coming into the league. I think the name was mentioned before, but George is a clone of Nic Batum, both fantasy and real life. Similar height, build, wingspan, game play, and career trajectory (thus far). Batum played as a role player this far into his player playing behind the likes of Brandon Roy and Gerald Wallace, and he was a defensive specialist who was efficient and can knock down 3's, just like George playing behind Granger now. Batum is more polished now on bot
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