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  1. There's the steal. But almost gave me a heart attack, when he slipped on the way to the rack
  2. https://www.cleveland.com/cavs/2021/04/larry-nance-jr-on-the-mend-after-weeklong-illness-that-kept-him-away-from-cavaliers-and-caused-rapid-weight-loss.html Probably out the weekend too.
  3. 9 straight games without a steal, ranked 327 in the last 14 days. Hopefully he turns it around tonight
  4. There's a link a few posts up from Friday that said he might miss the whole road trip
  5. They gotta come organically. Hate to see a Ricky Davis or Blatche situation
  6. At least two of them were on saves out of bounds, where he got a perfect pass out for the 3
  7. Looking like a top priority for next year's draft
  8. Yeah, he'll have some good games, but hard to trust him. Probably like his Dallas season. I'll probably just plug him in occasionally for injuries
  9. Bruised shoulder. Supposedly in a bad spot, that's restricting him
  10. Hasn't practiced. Just today's shoot around
  11. Otto got hot the other night, so he didn't close the game. He's fine
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