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  1. Hopefully this is just a cut lip, and no concussion or anything
  2. I plugged him in tonight. My team is pretty banged up. His 3rd good game in a row.
  3. Because we are being forced to use more games on our "bench" players. Like I said in an earlier post, silly season is way longer than it used to be.
  4. The fact that I'm not even excited about today's line is saying something. Continues to keep my team out of the abyss
  5. It was pretty hollow, but nice to see him playing well.
  6. Silly season is starting earlier each year. Used to just be the last week or two
  7. There's the steal. But almost gave me a heart attack, when he slipped on the way to the rack
  8. https://www.cleveland.com/cavs/2021/04/larry-nance-jr-on-the-mend-after-weeklong-illness-that-kept-him-away-from-cavaliers-and-caused-rapid-weight-loss.html Probably out the weekend too.
  9. 9 straight games without a steal, ranked 327 in the last 14 days. Hopefully he turns it around tonight
  10. There's a link a few posts up from Friday that said he might miss the whole road trip
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