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  1. If he was dropped, Willy Adames has been heating up with lots of multi-hit games.
  2. Hard to argue against it at this point. I've long been a Bird apologist, but it's impossible to defend him right now. He's striking out left and right, and making mental errors in the field as well. This may very well be his last real opportunity with the Yankees and he's blowing it in a big way. It's disappointing for sure.
  3. Man, he looks absolutely awful and lost at the plate.
  4. I see more like D'angelo Jimenez, 2003
  5. Is anyone else that uses ESPN not getting the little notification this year next to your players' names that shows whether they are in their teams' starting lineup or not?
  6. Seriously, the O's Opening Day lineup is about as abysmal as any I've ever seen. Going to be a looooong year for O's fans.
  7. Eh, a 30 year old with a ~.750 OPS at AAA who is owed approximately $30 million over the next 2.5 years isn't much of a trade chip IMO.
  8. Weird, I can't find Adam in my ESPN league. Is he really not in their player pool? Seems strange for a guy who has already pitched in 7 games.
  9. Zack Wheeler could end up in the pen for the Mets.
  10. Harrison does NOT have 11 homeruns, not even close. Nor does he have 35 RBIs. He has 4 homeruns, and 18 RBIs. Where did they even get these numbers?
  11. With Anderson potentially hurt, Straily makes a nice add for leagues in which he's available.
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