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  1. OK - but the LS page can only be seen by members of the league. Can you message me instead?
  2. I saw you switched to a standard draft, so I left the league. Best of luck . . .
  3. Well, this is the type of set up I was looking for, so I just joined and hoping we see the interest grow before tomorrow night. Thanks for posting.
  4. Hey I'm sorry - I read your OP that you had standard H2H categories, but noticed you added a few to bring to 11. I was just looking for the 9 standard. Best of luck . . .
  5. Curious to see how many get interested, with that 3 hour window tonight. I am definitely interested in finding an auction still. Will monitor to see interest. Maybe you move it back to tomorrow if it's too late?
  6. If you still need an owner, let me know. Can join and pay-up immediately. You confirmed for 4 PST / 7 EST tomorrow then?
  7. Still at 8? What happens if you don't fill tonight, would you just push to tomorrow -- or later this week? Thanks,
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