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  1. Allen gets 25, Diggs gets 17, Bills D gets 10. Beasley gets 10 You win by 1.5 points 😀
  2. Have this exact question. Leaning Hunt since we dont know how healthy Gibson is.
  3. Russ over your other options. You cant start Baker. Trubisky may have a better matchup but Montgomery may run wild and so you may not get many passing TDs (which is also a concern with Russ). The difference is the Seattle WRs that can stretch the field.
  4. Agree with Gage. Beasley is a sneaky good play but the NE defense is no slouch.
  5. I'd bench Davis. Moore is a difference maker and can win you a week on his own.
  6. Andrews but closer than you would imagine.
  7. Samuel is safer since he is likely to get more touches. If you are behind, go Tyron. Otherwise Samuel has the higher floor.
  8. Hurts. DAL defense is burnable and Keenan is not healthy.
  9. Need some help with Jacobs stinking up the joint. Would you start Taylor vs. PIT, Dobbins vs. NYG or Hunt (with all WRs out) vs. NYJ? My other starting RB is Henry. WHIR.
  10. Mike Boone doesn't catch passes, but he has a good chance to score. However, Jones is a bonafide swing for the fences pick who also catches passes. Go Jones.
  11. This is my exact dilemma. Leaning Washington unless Mattison is out. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792688-boone-d-washington-or-golladay/
  12. If Mattison plays, then Boyd is the guy. If Mattison is out, Boone all day.
  13. Dak for sure, dont overthink it. Freeman over Miller. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792688-boone-d-washington-or-golladay/
  14. Sanders! https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792688-boone-d-washington-or-golladay/
  15. Fournette, Freeman, Diggs, Drake. Go for safe workload. .
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