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  1. Thanks for helping me! I would not offer that deal. Brees is due back soon, so Kamara will regain stud status. Singletary may not get the volume everyone is hoping.
  2. thanks for helping me! I like a Kittle side a little bit more, but it's a very close deal. Wouldn't lose sleep if the deal falls apart either.
  3. Thanks for helping me! I would go Tate in this situation. Good matchup vs Ariz and Ekler's usage is in question
  4. Thanks for helping me! I would do this deal. I like Singletary, but not sure he'll get the volume we all want
  5. 10 team, 0.5 pt PPR, do you start A. Hooper vs LAR or J. Brown vs Mia? Leave a link...
  6. Who performs better with Darnold back - Anderson or Crowder? Not sure who the real beneficiary is...
  7. Sam's back this week! Fire up Crowder vs a stingy Dallas D (who arguable hasn't played anyone yet...)??
  8. R. Jones - RB - TB is available on my waiver Would you drop any of my RBs listed below to pick him up in a 0.5pt PPR? I need to roster 6 WRs, so can't drop any of them. Thanks, and leave a link.
  9. Any hope for a better Week 4 from Woods?
  10. Thoughts on Freeman this week. I like him at home of a better performance, but TENN scares me a bit,
  11. How do you rank TEs among WRs? My league doesn't have a designated TE slot, but they can be played as a WR or Flex. I feel like he projects pretty well for this week (7/80/1 seems reasonable), but the TE position is always riskier than WR. I've always felt the stud TEs fall into the low WR1 or high WR2 category.
  12. Thoughts on Woods for this weekend? Can't quite get a feel for him with a tough road matchup when Goff struggles on the road.
  13. Thanks for helping me! I like the Mixon end of this deal. You can afford to lose Cooks with Godwin on the bench, and this gets you a needed upgrade at RB
  14. Thanks for helping me! I would bench Ekler. Until we see the split in this backfield, he's risky. I think Indy is still going to be competitive w Brissett, so roll with Mack.
  15. thanks for helping me! I like the counter offer. Ending up with CMC and Kamara in 12 team is great. Your really only trading away one starter (Mixon) to get Kamara.
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