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  1. You know he’s doing well when his thread is quiet. He just had 4 good games. Those 3s and steals are coming as he heats up.
  2. He’s a good player. He started last season strong but then elbow problems caused him to miss some games and he never regained the same rhythm and confidence. He seems to have found it again.
  3. Reserving your bench spots for productive players who are decent but not great gets you in H2H playoffs but you’re not going to win anything. To win h2h playoffs you have to acquire guys who are going to peak later in the season. Sophomores are awesome in h2h for that reason because their value is usually perceived to be quite low and yet they tend to improve as the season progresses. There’s really nothing to lose to take a high upside guy in your late rounds. If he doesn’t pan out you can always pick up a decent veteran guy off the wire. It’s really a low risk high reward strategy. All
  4. This guy was on my DND this year. LaMelo is on his tail. Owners better hope he can thrive as a spark plug off the bench much like schroder did last year. He’s getting benched soon.
  5. I suggest you stop following this thread. Didn’t you drop Barrett already? If you keep following this thread you will only be kicking yourself for letting a MIP candidate go for huerter. as your for previous quote about Barrett: ““What if they don't stabilize? Your fantasy team is going into the toilet while you wait. “ that’s just a ridiculous claim that I didn’t bother responding. If your team is in the toilet it’s because your team is trash, not because of one player who you likely drafted quite late in the draft. That’s the whole point of “stash” is that you drafted well
  6. Young grasshopper never heard of the term upside. Very few stars ever played to their potential by their sophomore season. Even Kobe took 3 seasons to reach 20ppg. Tatum was a disappointment until mid way last year(his third season). So you should know better than to expect Barrett to have already peaked. In general I like owning sophomores in fantasy because often they raise their game as the season progresses. Some of most fun seasons were drafting Giannis in the fifth round in 2015-2016 (his third season) before he became a household name in fantasy next season(he became a top 5 pick
  7. You just need to find a different hobby because fantasy is not for you. You thought he was trash when pretty much every constructive post in this thread states the exact opposite.
  8. When Barrett starts putting up jayson Tatum stats you’re going to look ridiculous. Barrett hasn’t start making 3s and steals yet but I think he will reach 1.5 threes and 1 stl by season end. You’re looking at a 3 game sample size. Huerter will hardly get to play while Barrett is only going to hit his stride mid way into the season. There’s every reason to believe Barrett will finish much higher than Huerter.
  9. You take huerter over Barrett? I guess some people just don’t want to win in fantasy lol.
  10. Was expecting a big revenge game but instead got a stinker. He easily lost me both TO and ast this week. If he had 7 ast instead of 7 TO outcome would have been very different
  11. So who did you pickup instead? That is the question. I think he will do enough in the % categories to not hurt your team. The counting stats will be immensely helpful however.
  12. What’s our there on the wire that’s better than Barrett?
  13. I had him listed as a “last PG to fill out roster” on my board. Had coby white, fultz, garland, and Hayes at that spot. It’s an auction league and his name came up. Should have just walked. Preseason was bad and he’s somehow played worse during the season. He’s clearly not ready.
  14. Even 50% or 25% Kobe would be pretty darn good. Nobody is guaranteed to be even 1% Kobe without hard work. One has to work hard to get there. So far Barrett has shown the work ethic and the drive to have a successful career. He’s not even 1% Kobe right now but one day we may be talking about him as one of the best players of his era. If I’m going to bet on a next Kobe I’m betting on him. As for this season he will have his ups and downs but I see a top 60-70 finish during fantasy playoffs. You can do worse with your 95th pick.
  15. Trying to buy low but owners are smarter than that..
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