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  1. I need to win out. I have Wilson on a bye and have Foles on my bench. I can get rivers for Josh Gordon. I am not too worried about dealing Gordon as I am good at wr just debating whether rivers is enough of an upgrade. Would I even start him over Foles for week 11? Foles vs. indy rivers vs. kc
  2. Odell. And I'm not high on Odell but Allen's health sEems too questionable http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/776476-pick-1-te-and-2-flex-engram-waller-coleman-montgomery-howard/
  3. Tate has higher floor. Juju lower Floor higher ceiling I'd roll with juju
  4. Jacobs. Odell too boom or bust given the matchup and weather
  5. Mack http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/776476-pick-1-te-and-2-flex-engram-waller-coleman-montgomery-howard/
  6. Edmonds Mack Johnson Chark
  7. Golladay and juju. Weather in buf not good
  8. Davis. Weather is going to be major factor in buffalo and Davis has a good matchup. I dont love him but I think better then lashing this week
  9. Ty and Sutton. Not worth the rolling the dice on Allen when you have those 2 choices to fall back on
  10. I have same decision and chose fitz. Between matchup and weather Odell is too boom or bust for me this week
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