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  1. I may may be wrong but...... I liken this guy to a young Matt Harvey. For his sake I hope he doesn’t turn into the new and mature Matt Harvey.
  2. Any chance he gets some 2b eligibility?
  3. Proving to the other 29 owners that he’s clearly not worth the money he thinks he is.
  4. Such are the benefits/ disadvantages of a mega long term contract. He’s still rated as a top 3 OFer. He’s playing like a top 60 OFer. I’ll take 90 cents on the dollar for him. He’s lost his incentive.....he got paid. It happens....a lot.
  5. What can anyone say except Story has been a major disappointment. Maybe the biggest one in the first round? He’s taking a lot of money out of his pocket, showing the other 29 teams, he’s not worth the elite SS money.
  6. I think he’s going to add some swagger and personality to a “ staid” and “professional “ clubhouse. Might be what some of these guys need. He'll play 2nd as long as he hits and Voit remains IL. The LHB will play in Yankee Stadium as well as some of the other school yards in the AL E. The new Rangers Park is pitcher friendly. Even Joey Gallo was beefing about it. Maybe being a Yankee does something for the suddenly clean cut Odor. Col. Rupert and George Weiss might be turning over in the graves. But who cares if Odor can prove himself on Broadway.
  7. He’s a lottery ticket that didn’t cost me anything. [...] Trying to comp this guy, Randy Arozarena? Teoscar? Aristeds, as some have mentioned? I can see LuRob and Kyle Lewis come to mind as well. How about a poor man’s Puig?
  8. Sorry guys my bad...that was for my 10th and final spot. Apologies for not mentioning that. Betts, FTJ, Bieber, Story, JTR, LuRob, Biggio, Nola and Burnes as my first 9. I kept Bohm and was able to get Kyle Lewis, who everyone seems to forget was ROY, with the 11th pick in the first round, after 120 keepers kept.
  9. 12 team, keep 10 with no contracts. Muncy, Kyle Lewis, Rizzo, Bohm, MakGore?
  10. HRs have been an issue. Will the non golf ball baseball help with some of that? He's a Robbie Ray, Randy Johnson, albeit young Montreal Randy, kinda LHP. He's gonna give you those games where he wins you a week with his 8 IP, 2 hit, 14 K performance, and destroys you the following week. He'll be hard to stream. It won't matter whether he's pitching v the NYY or Pitts Pirates, at Coors or in Detroit. If he has his stuff that day, the opposition is getting shut down, wherever that may be.
  11. 6 year Rizzo owner, who’s parting ways. If you play in a fantasy league, where room service ground balls into the shift, count for points, then he’s your man!
  12. You can likely grab an Aaron Civale, 4 rounds later.
  13. Grabbed Lock off WW in a 14 team keeper due to the Prescott injury, where everyone hoards QBs. He did a heck of a lot better than my predecessor Andy Dalton. I'm rolling with Lock....garbage time QBs need love too.
  14. Anyone sitting Watson along with his WRs Fuller and Cooks because the high winds and gusts anticipated in Cleveland this Sunday?
  15. They pissed off the Indians’ organization and most importantly the Dean or The Godfather, Terry Francona. Look what happened to Trevor Bauer when he had that outburst of tossing that ball. Francona don’t stand for any BS, he don’t have to! Plesac and Clevinger are not automatics to get back to the show anytime soon. And it will be on Terry’s terms.
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