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  1. First, great analysis in the post above. It took time and effort to gather all that information and post it here. Second, it was a typo on my part. I meant: How is your FT% for the week?
  2. I am 😁 The truth is I am not on this forums a lot anymore (I found /r/fantasybball/ much more helpful and with better, more substastantial discussions). Why I left? Well, during the season RW player's threads have turned into a very predictable pattern: RW crowd establishes the expectations for the season. Expectations are set in stone, it's never player's fault. Then some posters dare to disagree with the crowd, pointing to the obvious things that might jeopardize the expectations set by the crowd. If you point to lack of certain skills, bad effort, low basketb
  3. Fox defending MPJ in the 2nd and doing it well
  4. ok you win, I changed my mind. MPJ should play 35 min and be the main guy on offense. Btw, is it a bad thing to keep rolling with the same guys and get better every year?
  5. I mean that MPJ had (or has) enough opportunities to force Malone's hand. If MPJ establishes himself as 3rd best player on the team then Malone would have no choice to play him 30+ minutes. MPJ failed to do that, so Malone is playing MPJ "only" 25.6 mpg so far. And that is almost 10 min increase from last season (16.4mpg). It must be because Malone is terrible coach and hates MPJ How much more should MPJ play?
  6. So, Nuggets are being carried by Murray and Jokic. Other role players are not "improving" enough to make them truly elite. The same can be said for Clippers ( replay Murray and Jokic with Kawhi/George). Or Celtics (Tatum/Brown). Or Sixers (Embiid/Simmons). Or Bucks (giannis/ Middleton). The same is true for pretty much every other NBA team The fact is that every NBA team is carried by its stars, regular season or playoffs. If MPJ want to be a star in real life, he needs to start playing like one on both ends of the floor. It should not be too difucult to get
  7. He cannot play SF, he is not quick enough. Plus OG is starting PF. For PF, there is a guy called Siakam. He can get backup PF minutes, but the reality is that any stronger PFs and Cs will have it easy in the post against Boucher
  8. I've heard that Ujiri and Webster are reading these forums for advice... ⬆️ ⬆️
  9. It' true that blocks are scarce and that a lot of Boucher's value comes from blocks. I will not argue that. What I will argue is the idea of Boucher being good defender. In my mind, good defender should be able to defend his position 1-on-1 and play good positional defense. If you watch Raptors you will see many plays where other need to help Boucher on the low post (because he does not have the strength to keep his position) or where he is late or completely wrong in his rotations. and playing "hard most of the time" will not earn you playing time with Nurse.
  10. Boucher is many things, but he is not a great defender. Don't confuse blocks with great defense.
  11. https://www.spotrac.com/nba/toronto-raptors/chris-boucher-23671/ for the record, only $6.5m is guaranteed. Why did Raptors sign him? Why not? He was showing potential in limited minutes, why not give him an extended look with Gasol and Ibaka leaving? Basically this year is Boucher auditioning for more minutes and a bigger role on the team. In Raptors case, that includes both offense and defense. Make your own conclusion how is that audition going so far
  12. I find it interesting that Boucher, as restricted free agent, did not get any offers from other teams (correct me if I am wrong please). And Raptors offer has only this year guaranteed. No NBA team was willing to give him multiyear guaranteed contract in the offseason. That fact is telling me that consensus in the NBA is that Boucher is not good in real life for consistent, extended minutes. But that is not important, what is important is to keep fantasy managers happy. Let's petition NBA and Raptors to play Boucher minimum 30 minutes per game
  13. Offense is only half of the game. On defense Boucher is awful, Baynes is outplaying him by huge margin. Boucher's offense is also limited and cannot make up all the difference for bad defense. If he could create his own shot (he can't) that would make huge difference in his playing time
  14. You are saying that replacing franchise level talent with a role player that can shoot makes your team better. I cannot argue with that 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ I hope you do know that MPJ has better %s than Boucher?
  15. Maybe Jokic is great because he plays in the system that emphasizes his strengths?
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