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  1. This is Team Zawacki, I couldnt find the league until today, I know im probably way too late to get back in on this.
  2. There has been a trade ! Team Zawacki gives - Robert Meachem, Devin Thomas Team Drater gives - Tim Hightower
  3. just skip me, ill pick someone up later
  4. I texted my pick, but apparently it didnt get relayed, sorry. Kory Sheets RB SF Also, can you update rosters on the espn site so we can make a trade we got brewing ?
  5. I couldnt agree more, its such crap that these rooks are getting monster deals, what wrong with making them earn their big contracts ? Nobody wants the number one pick anymore, they need to adress that soon.
  6. Its not that I really love wide receivers, its just that last 5 rounds would be fliers on backups of backups of backups. I mean, for cedric peerman(Just an example )to see the field, it would take mcgahee, rice, mcclain to get hurt. Where as Stroughter, Meachem, etc Could see the field with a good camp. Ya dig ? Let me take a look and see what we can work out.
  7. 7084736909 And i better not start getting viagra ads to my phone. LOL I am still searching for some running back help, mid tier guy, serviceable is all I need.
  8. Sorry, havent had access to a PC and didnt get a text. Ill select Sammie Stroughter, WR Tampa. LOL
  9. With such shallow starting lineups, its hard to imagine anyone in these later rounds are going to be starters on anyones team in the next few years. Of course there is always injuries and such. but still...
  10. I love some of the hostility in this league. But lets all slow down and be honest for just a second. I have the best team. Well maybe not the BEST, but I love it.
  11. My favorite team would be the mini ditkas... After that, Da Bears !!!!
  12. I dont think Holmes is overhyped, he showed what he can do in the playoffs last year. Clarett could have been a good NFL RB, he just thought it was a good idea to rob a liqour store at gun point. As for wells, I think he is going to lead that team in rushing this year, by A LOT. Hightower sucks, a team that throws that good should have open lanes for days, sporting a 2.8 ypc carry on the offense is just pitiful. Even the EDGE could run decently behind those guys. I hate Ohio State though. Illini Fan here. Get ready to hear a lot of "Juice Williams to Arrelious Benn !!!! TOUCHDOWN !!!!"
  13. Im gonna go ahead and roll with my Bears Defense (think its a legit pick) Probably better D's out there, but its a homer pick.
  14. Nice pick, he would be the number 2 if Jenkins wasnt such a great blocker. Slot duty might produced some decent numbers though.
  15. In true Team Z fashion, I select Robert Meachem - NOS - WR
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