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  1. The situation being his target share, his snaps, playing from behind, or that your loaded at receiver? How many weeks does he need to produce as a WR1/2. Rotoblurb calls him a WR3. Nice target share, massive amount of snaps, heavy end zone usage. There is nothing not to like here.
  2. No one can keep up with him on the field, except injury. This dude is a baller
  3. In reality this guy commands a buttload of money. In fantasy his butt gets benched for Andy Dalton.
  4. I wouldn't bench Thomas, especially in ppr. the tree is narrow there regardless of QB. If he has a bad day I'll start him the following week.
  5. At least this was typed with a lot of authority.
  6. Never said a conspiracy... Refrain from posting? You joined 39 minutes ago.
  7. This is your first post??? with everything going on on the cusp of a new season?? I seriously hope yr not affiliated with the person you are pushing, would be sad.
  8. Same. Even a slight reach felt good in every draft. I love the floor and upside combo considering his opportunity and talent wr ...arrow pointing up.
  9. It's funny how you just took his previous experience in coaching and cut and pasted it to a completely different situation, then said lol
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