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  1. passes the eye test. pops off the screen. who is that!!!
  2. why anyone would hate on trey burke for fantasy is beyond me same token, why anyone would doubt frank's value in real basketball is also nonsense ... as for frank in fantasy, it's anyone's guess
  3. yall are being nuts. it's a 3 guard lineup. this is not a novel idea.
  4. he's way more atheltic and active than hedu and ingles so i expect more across the board except for 3s
  5. i can't see them giving him big minutes his first year after multiple years of knee problems. also, who is this guys comp? I just don't see it in the highlights.
  6. I just traded FOR him in a package. I'm a buyer. Not sure why anyone would be so antsy to sell. He has pedigree. Has been in terrible situations and battled injuries. He's 28. Not old. And finally healthy in a great situation for him. Nothing not to like.
  7. people need to get excited. this kid has wheels and can catch passes. he'll be on the field a good amount. what more do you want.
  8. what kind of league are you in? i don't get this thinking. If you're in h2h and you've got a few other better PGs and Gs and you slot in Rose on the days those guys aren't playing or throw him into Utl or spot and he gets you 18 points and 4 assists and a steal, how is he not an asset on the lower end of your team? How is he impossible to roster?
  9. everyone still hating him? I dunno. I mean, i hate him as a player in real life, but i think he'll be good in fantasy... averaging 15ppg and 4 assts. Gotta own that in 12 team.
  10. im not giving up on this kid. he's had big games before while sharing touches... and that line last year was one of the worst of all time.
  11. Sproles had at least one amazing fantasy year in new orleans. i think it was his second year there. Howard is not a special talent. Good stats last year, but i never saw any special skill. He's quick, but just a straight ahead runner. They will be making Tarik more than a complimentary part of of the game plan. This is Jon Fox, the godfather of the two back approach.
  12. he will revolutionize the position like the small ball in the NBA. the small back is harder to tackle and is just as injury prone as a big dude. it's taken experts nearly 100 years to figure this out.
  13. i proudly blew 50% of my budget on this guy. now i don't have to worry about blowing it on someone else.
  14. reminds me of max scherzer ... anyone who gives up after all this time is gonna miss out.
  15. unbelievable .... leaves game with back spasms ... note to self for 2014 and beyond: never again. never ever again.
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