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  1. 23 hours ago, Code of Hammurabi said:

    Not sure about that. An empty 14-4 without meaningful contributions in steals, and threes isnt worth much. Its almost impossible to roster a PG in todays nba with deficiencies in both threes and steals and not harm your team build. 


    what kind of league are you in? i don't get this thinking. If you're in h2h and you've got a few other better PGs and Gs and you slot in Rose on the days those guys aren't playing or throw him into Utl or spot and he gets you 18 points and 4 assists and a steal, how is he not an asset on the lower end of your team? How is he impossible to roster? 

  2. Sproles had at least one amazing fantasy year in new orleans. i think it was his second year there. 


    Howard is not a special talent. Good stats last year, but i never saw any special skill. He's quick, but just a straight ahead runner. 


    They will be making Tarik more than a complimentary part of of the game plan. 


    This is Jon Fox, the godfather of the two back approach. 

  3. I take it that a lot of people love this guy, especially teenage kids.

    I've only heard a few tracks, and i don't get it. he seems to go from singing sincere soulful things one second to then rapping like a guy who failed 8th grade and gets stoned all day.

    is this supposed to be good? like he has commendible range or something? b/c to me it just seems schizophrenic and fake. you can't be emotionally sincere one second and stupid the next. it lacks identity. what a fake message he puts out.

    no? someone explain. like i said, i've only heard a few songs, and i want to enjoy what he does the way so many others do.

  4. He will be a top 15 pitcher this year. And I don't think the hype will be there either. Already I've heard some industry people knocking him down b/c he's an injury concern.

    I feel the opposite. I look at a guy who pitched a lot of innings at a young age and was still dominant through stretches while dealing with lingering elbow pain. Now he got the TJ out of the way, 2 years removed, and -- yeah, he pulled an oblique at the end of the regular season, but who isn't pulling obliques these days? He cam back in the playoffs and shut out the Tigers for 6 innings in an elimination game.

    this guy is legit, and i really hope people still go on considering him injury prone. In this recent CBS 12 team analysts' mock that came out, he went in the last pick of the 13th round. are you kidding me?!?!? Jose Altuve, Ryan Dempster, AJ Burnett all picked more than 14 picks earlier. Jon Niese went 34 picks ahead of Anderson ... :P

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