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  1. Who are the people that look like potential breakouts post ASB? James Johnson - if KAT misses time he will be putting up top 75 numbers Dedmon - if capela doesn't come back he looks to get big minutes in ATL Marquisse Chriss - he's probably already taken but he'll probably continue to get huge numbers. Especially if curry comes back he'll have a lot of space to work with.
  2. Curious for you Wiggins owners. How has he actually looked in game (stats aside)? His stats are up across the board but its a bit hard to believe given his history. I don't fully trust him yet.
  3. Jrue is great but keep in mind once lonzo, Zion, and Ingram all come back there will be a lot of mouths to feed in NO. Kemba I think will remain very steady. I definitely like sabonis over Thomas Bryant though but I wouldn't risk jrue personally.
  4. I haven't found reliable information on where to get up to date injury notifications. What does everyone here use?
  5. Early in the season is often a great time to target underperforming players and ship off your overperforming ones. Who are some good targets so far? I think Brogdon is a great sell high guy. He's currently ranked 8 on yahoo and he certainly won't keep this up. I think he can be top 50 but to me that is his ceiling. An obvious buy low target would be Conley. He's been absolutely awful so it could be good to pick him up.
  6. LOL Fizdale: David Fizdale implied after Wednesday's loss that he may stick with Bobby Portis in the starting lineup over Mitchell Robinson (ankle) Fiz gonna Fiz
  7. Fizdale makes absolutely mind boggling decisions, often fueled by foul trouble. Robinson will get into a bit of foul trouble and he'll understandably put in Portis. But then he simply won't bring Robinson in again. It's like he has this idea of not disrupting the flow of the game. It'll be 4 minutes left in a close game and he'll just keep playing Portis. Play after play the opposing team slashes in and scores in the paint and the whole time I'm thinking, "Robinson might have blocked that".
  8. Every year, fantasy performers are stifled by horrible coaches. Who will it be this year? Will Fizdale play Robinson 20 minutes on some nights to give Julias Randle and Bobby Portis extra minutes at the end of games? Either way, I'm sure there will be plenty of complaining to do as the season begins.
  9. I'm looking at Curry/Drummond or Curry/Gobert. Thoughts?
  10. So for the past 5 years I've been using the basketball monster draft tool and have loved it. To me this feature alone is worth the price as its definitely helped me win many leagues. I've been looking into fb-ninja a bit this year and noticed that they also have a draft tool. Curious about what people think about the two?
  11. He's been performing very well so far in the pre season.
  12. You guys are all nuts. Kawhi finished no lower than 6th in ranking the last 3 seasons that he played in. He was the focal point on an otherwise lackluster team. The spurs had a slower pace and poor spacing most of those seasons and the man finished 3rd and 4th in his last two seasons he played in. If he goes from that, to a more wide open Raptors team there is no way he finishes outside of the top 10 (assuming he stays healthy). If he is available past 10 you absolutely take him. For me, if he's available past 5 I'd strongly consider him.
  13. Its too bad his playoff schedule is trash. To me that puts a question on whether or not you absolutely pick him first. If he had a better schedule I'd take him 1st overall no question.
  14. Hes been god awful for like 2 weeks straight...
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