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  1. 1 hour ago, murraygd13 said:

    Anybody else disappointed in Rotoworld's Draft Guide this year?  I buy the MLB draft guide online and this year it's just not very good in my opinion. Seems like they produced it more for H2H / Points leagues than Roto leagues.  Maybe that's the trend in fantasy baseball.  Their projections just seem way off too, I guess that is based on my opinion of players but they are all over the place on players.  


    Some of the player groupings by tier are horrible.

  2. Hey guys, I am playing fantasy baseball for the first time in 10 years and I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to players these days. When I used to play in roto leagues in the past I always found it valuable to draft several elite relievers that pitched in a setup role. I could get them late in the draft and they would be able to provide elite ERA, WHIP, and strikeouts with the occasional win or possibly save. That being said, could someone tell me if this is still a good strategy these days? Also, who are the top non-closer relief pitchers that fantasy owners should target?

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  3. Hey guys I am not sure if this is the appropriate thread to ask this question but I was wondering if someone could help me. I am playing fantasy baseball for the first time in ten years and have a question about ESPN default settings for roto leagues. When I used to play in Yahoo roto leagues there used to be a limit for the season of 1,250 innings for pitchers. I just recently joined an ESPN roto league but I do not see a pitchers' innings limit in the league settings. All I see is something that says pitchers have a maximum of 200 games started. Does that mean there is no innings limit? Does a relief pitcher's appearance count as a game started?

    Can someone please explain this to me?

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