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  1. Him and Fried have really hurt my chances of getting this championship.
  2. Would you start Gonsolin tonight vs SD or hope Fried comes back and go with his better matchup @ the Mets? If Fried doesn't come back, I would be stuck with Dunning's @ CIN start for my weeks 7th and final possible start. points, 6win, 1inning,k, -1every2er,every 3bb, every 3hits
  3. I took him 4th overall accidentally. fat fingers selected him on espn draft in lieu of Henry, but as a Chiefs fan, I am happy.
  4. Oh yeah, I didn't realize the most recent struggles. He did at least have 3 walks on one of those days.
  5. Swanson has not been struggling. He's been a top 5 SS the past 2 weeks.
  6. Murphy or Nola? 1 per base, rbi, r, bb, sb, -1 so, error, cs
  7. Christ, whats the record for most strikeouts in a row?
  8. [Aguilar had] 8 strikeouts in 54 AB's. I pick him up today and he has 3 strike outs.
  9. How many more long relief appearances can we expect? Is it going to be only when Anderson pitches?
  10. That discipline definitely shown tonight. Of course the day after I pick him up.
  11. Is He going to get another start? CBS doesn't show him with a start this week and MLB has an undetermined starter for Saturdays game.
  12. What happened to Buehler? Was he imploding?
  13. You don't become a baseball manager being smart.
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