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  1. Nevermind, I see it is the KC one not the Seattle one
  2. Do I drop Trevor Rogers or Stroman for Houck, Megill or Josiah Gray? 12 team h2h points league
  3. Sent down to minors but is supposed to be back next weekend for double header. Uggh wish he would stick in the rotation.
  4. Which means he will be out for about a month.
  5. Time to drop? He hasn't had a quality start since this injury.
  6. Is Longoria someone that should be picked up if he was dropped? He has more points then Seager and Urshela with way fewer at bats.
  7. For having to pay, CBS sure does suck on its information and updating.
  8. 12 team h2h points Cease, Pivetta, Bumgarner, J. Gray, Stroman,
  9. Why the hell has he not been put on IL yet?
  10. So not only does he lose his start this week, they don't use him at all?
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