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  1. He’s looked really good and hasn’t had his best fastball yet. However, it’s always been more about the mental side (controlling emotions when something bad happens) and of course injuries. I’ve got him for $1 in NL only, figuring he should be a good source of strikeouts at the very least.
  2. Any chance Reyes keeps the STL job the entire season? It looks like he is made for this exact role.
  3. Was Triston McKenzie pitching 3.0 innings planned? I have him rostered in a league that fills bench spots with SP's and he's a waste of a roster spot if he isn't going to be starting...
  4. Placed on the DL today. Not great.
  5. He led off last night. He’s going to bounce around the lineup but I think he will get plenty of AB’s in the 1 and 2 spots this year.
  6. He has the pedigree to back this up, so wouldn’t be surprised if he’s for real. The dodgers didn’t really give him a runway to get comfortable last year (understandable, given the short season and their championship expectations).
  7. The Rockies are starting Chris Owings and batting him lead off despite having a young, talented guy in Sam Hilliard. They play in a division that renders their playoff hopes helpless and literally gave away their most exciting player for $0.10 on the dollar for no good reason, and yet they seem PUMPED about Owings getting at bats in their outfield timeshare. I hate the Rockies. Signed, a Sam Hilliard owner (deep NL only)
  8. Will this guy stay in the rotation? Do we think he’s on an innings limit? Considering picking him up in a 10 team, but we are capped in terms of transactions per year...
  9. I think .290 is very optimistic- think more like .260 with 25-30 HR, which still plays at catcher.
  10. Rodgers back in there tonight, and hits a HR in first AB.
  11. According to Twitter, took a fastball to the head. Not great.
  12. Not playing for the second night in a row- anybody know why?
  13. He’s just got to stay on top of hitters- too many 0-2 or 1-2 counts that turn into walks because he’s nibbling.
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