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  1. i read something how in the minors...they named it the venditte rule...and now the pitcher and batter both can only make a change once per at bat...not sure who can go first and who goes last in terms of changing sides...but i remember reading that only one change is allowed cuz of this guy...they made this rule cuz he was facing a switch hitter and they both kept changing sides for about 10-15 mins and the ump made the batter finalize which side he was gonna hit from...and the batter was pissed off after the game cuz there was previous rule that he was aware of that he couldnt keep changing s
  2. goin to watch tropic thunder tonight, so i wont be available for a good portion of the night...ill check to see if its my turn as soon as i get home
  3. hopefully by next years baseball season, sony will release their "play tv" and i can just order extra innings at home and watch from my work computer instead of mlb.tv
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