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  1. 2 team, non keeper, 5x5 scoring. I am in need of saves in this particular league. I have a couple of offers on the table (not worried about who I am giving up). So, which one of these for the rest of this season: Stanton plus Diaz or Ozuna plus Hendricks? Thanks in advance.
  2. Appreciate the positive comments here. I guess it is called integrity.
  3. Yes I know. League is competitive but this owner got hit early with the injury bug at closer, and he is a little desperate. I want to accept, but..........
  4. Well, actual trade offered is I get Ozuna and Zack Wheeler and I give Bryan Reynolds plus Kenley Jansen. 12 team, non keeper, little different scoring in that OPS is an additional category and quality starts is as well. All in addition to normal 5x5. Plus saves are valued pretty highly there.
  5. I would do the deal and the waiver move as well. But to be honest, I actually do like Lowe and have him on several teams.
  6. Ozuna is struggling badly to start this year. Will he turn it around and if the cost is not too great, is he worth trading for?
  7. I would try the offer of Snell plus any of your OF for him. As stated above, Snell’s last start might be a hindrance though. Regardless though, I would add Moundcastle. Also, if possible, with Merryweather going to IL, pick up Trivino as well.
  8. Other SP are Bieber, Kershaw, Bundy, and Ian Anderson.
  9. 12 team, 6 keeper, 5x5 scoring, with quality starts instead of wins. I have been offered Freddie Freeman, Marcus Semien, and 1 of Carlos Rodin, Casey Mize or Alex Cobb in return for my Francisco Lindor and Lucas Giolito. Your thoughts on whether to accept or not are?
  10. In a 10 team, I would think Elgin might not get it done. India has had a nice start, but will it continue? I would be ok in offering either one and see if the Bell owner accepts.
  11. 12 team, non keeper, 5x5 roto. For the rest of this year, Martinez or Suarez?
  12. 12 team, non keeper, 5x5 scoring with OBP instead of AVG. I have Carlos Santana and Nate Lowe for 1B and Giminez is my SS. I have been offered Dansby Swanson for Santana. Accept or not?
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