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  1. In a vacuum team 1, but both aren’t two far off from each other
  2. Gobert, Ayton, Booker, Collins but Collins May jump ahead if he gets traded to a good situation
  3. In a vacuum, which side? 12 team 9 cat standard
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Not RoCo. Gordon is the drop if anything. RoCo’s upside is too good to drop. BUT, I would explore a 2 for 1 for sure. Even if you have to overpay a little just to open up a spot.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. I think Harrel is the drop. Was never a big fan of his but he’s been very underwhelming this season. Boucher’s bad game is a blimp in an otherwise great season, but just be cautious that Nurse doesn’t seem to fully trust him for some reason. Hopefully you get him 🤞🏻
  6. Ended up trading Siakam and Quickley for Booker and Garland. Hopefully Booker starts playing to his potential.
  7. Would you do Siakam for Booker straight up? How about Siakam/Cole Anthony for Booker/Garland?
  8. just dropped in my 12 team league. even without an available IL spot, I can't see how he gets dropped in a 12 team league. We know what he is, but he has a high floor as compared to others drafted around where he typically is and he should get an uptick in assists.
  9. I would heavily consider it if there was someone else besides Delon. I’ve been burned to many times thinking he was going to breakout. Capella is a bit capped until the hawks trade Collins which looks inevitable at this point. I might hold until then when his value should jump.
  10. Yes and drop Williams. It’s going to suck if Williams gets the bulk of the minutes or even becomes a starter for the Celtics, but right now, Love is the way to go
  11. Ayton. OPJ is a trade candidate (even with the contract). We know what Gordon’s ceiling is. Ayton is in a funk but he’ll come out of it.
  12. Garland unless you are desperate for big stats. But even if that’s the case, you should be able to get a decent big in a trade when he gets going again. I’m not getting fooled by Kanter’s numbers. He’s nice if you need a double double guy but usually doesn’t provide much more than that.
  13. They don't. I was hoping he would play himself into a significant rotation role, but I can't see him playing enough to roster him in a 12 team league unfortunately.
  14. The first time I was able to draft the Lord and man do I regret it. Can someone point me towards the light?
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