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  1. Pretty sure it was a joke since Dolphins are "tanking" and Fitz Magic got them too close to a win
  2. In comparison to Devin Singletary, who would you prefer in a keeper league? Had the choice between the two and went with Mattison.
  3. I'd like to think the same, but I'm a little worried about the knee injury he suffered in the second half. I know he came back in for a play, but it seemed like he was limping after the postgame interview so he could have just been running on adrenaline when he went back in. Really hope that's not the case because he's finally starting to heat up.
  4. yup Im making the similar decision between him and Tarik Cohen. I feel like Maclin has to get a good amount of looks with so many guys out, but it's so hard to trust him with Flacco throwing to him and coming off an injury.
  5. I hope this is ok to ask here, but would it be fair value to trade Alvin Kamara for him? I also think that it is a perfect buy-low opportunity for him but Sieman worries me.
  6. Yup I'm in the same boat. I'm very interested as well. Email is jnkhorshidi@gmail.com. I can make it in 2 hours if no one else can by then
  7. Any chance you made a league that's drafting tonight? My email is jnkhorshidi@gmail.com if there is
  8. Just got screwed over by a league I was in so I'm starting a new league with a $50 buy in if youre interested. Just message me your email until I get everything set up and we figure out a draft time.
  9. LOL can't even do math correctly. I guess he's not lying about running successful leagues because they have been pretty successful just for him.
  10. Haha thank you for that man. Just joined his league through Yahoo and was about to pay him through PayPal. Decided I should just do a quick Google search first and this came up.
  11. The Seahawks have ruled out C.J. Prosise (ankle) for Week 5. Advice: This was expected after Prosise missed practice all week. J.D. McKissic will take over on pass downs, with Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls replacing Chris Carson. The early rule out is a concern for Prosise's Week 6 status. The Seahawks have a BYE in week 6
  12. I also noticed that when I'm close to the top of the waiver order, I am afraid to use my waiver, hoping that there would be a better option later on. I then end up waiting too long while the people in the bottom half of the waiver order can use theirs more freely since there isn't as much value in the spot they're in. Since we're going into Week 5, you can use your top spot now and then likely will get close to the top by the end of the regular season (unless your league is really picky with waiver claims), therefore giving you two top waiver claims rather than using yours in Week
  13. Agree with everything you said, besides the idea that Melvin Gordon has the same injury concerns as Keenan Allen. What is that judgement based on? I also want to add that throughout Rivers career, he's thrived playing with big receivers that could go up and get the ball like Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd. Chargers don't have any receivers that could do that right now so Mike Williams can be that guy.
  14. Just to be positive, the rainy conditions could have led to a lot more injuries and I'm just glad Cohen made it out healthy out of this one. Also, would a switch to Trubisky have a positive effect on Cohen's usage or is it not much of a difference since Glennon was feeding him the first 3 weeks too?
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