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  1. Pouring here in Philly area (2 hrs from NY) but supposedly an early afternoon window where it should break for a few hrs
  2. Odubel looking like the front runner early for Phillies CF job
  3. Feels reasonably priced this year. A fine OF #3/4 option. Not sure why some are so down on him
  4. Still my favorite post of the FF season bravo
  5. Awful time to lay an egg, yet not totally on him. I counted easy 6-7 awful drops - Kirk and D Hop drop TDs, butter hands Arnold with one of the most heinous drops on a dime
  6. Guess that “WR1” didn’t pan out ! Ptetty bitter as I played him oh well
  7. If he’s active I’m playing him. Simple as that. sorry but you have to have a locked and loaded top 15 option to play over him in a title game. don’t get cute
  8. Well missed practice sucks! Showed signs of life last week and upside in a high scoring game here
  9. I’m in the same boat in two leagues and a rabid Eagles fan . You have to go Kyler. SF really struggles with mobile QB
  10. Up 21 pts in 1/2 PPR against Pitt Def and Juju. Normally I wouldn’t think I had a prayer, but Steelers have played in some weird games lately
  11. I don’t know about the WR2 talk, but he has been locked into my lineup for some time as a WR3 and I’ve been ok with outcomes. If you are firing him up as a WR2/Top 20ish play then you are sure to be disappointed .
  12. He had an awful game. I counted at least three drops and a few more plays where he lost footing and it cost him more yds.
  13. Guy been a locked in WR2 all year but Just don’t love the matchup tonight. Moore back and Samuel I’m I think It’s a run heavy game plan with Teddy spreading it all around
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