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  1. Still my favorite post of the FF season bravo
  2. Awful time to lay an egg, yet not totally on him. I counted easy 6-7 awful drops - Kirk and D Hop drop TDs, butter hands Arnold with one of the most heinous drops on a dime
  3. Guess that “WR1” didn’t pan out ! Ptetty bitter as I played him oh well
  4. If he’s active I’m playing him. Simple as that. sorry but you have to have a locked and loaded top 15 option to play over him in a title game. don’t get cute
  5. Well missed practice sucks! Showed signs of life last week and upside in a high scoring game here
  6. I’m in the same boat in two leagues and a rabid Eagles fan . You have to go Kyler. SF really struggles with mobile QB
  7. Up 21 pts in 1/2 PPR against Pitt Def and Juju. Normally I wouldn’t think I had a prayer, but Steelers have played in some weird games lately
  8. I don’t know about the WR2 talk, but he has been locked into my lineup for some time as a WR3 and I’ve been ok with outcomes. If you are firing him up as a WR2/Top 20ish play then you are sure to be disappointed .
  9. He had an awful game. I counted at least three drops and a few more plays where he lost footing and it cost him more yds.
  10. Guy been a locked in WR2 all year but Just don’t love the matchup tonight. Moore back and Samuel I’m I think It’s a run heavy game plan with Teddy spreading it all around
  11. Just saw that. Def doesn’t bode well for MG availability and likely Grant? In other news makes Bowden a slightly more intriguing play
  12. Should he play, the chance of re-injury is astronomical I would think to a TE shoulder? [...]
  13. For those actually still looking in this thread, good luck in hoops and bases fellas!!!!
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