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  1. doesn’t seem to be too concerned. Two weeks at the most
  2. The reporter is just trying to sound fancy. Dude is fine. He’s got a sore foot. A basketball player with a sore foot. Look out. He’ll be back next game.
  3. total garbage if you make that call. Both parties have no idea as of this moment and are speculating. Neither one has inside info.
  4. but it was just explained above why not to worry with rui and minutes
  5. I didn’t need to see one week. I’ve seen him play way longer than that. He’s washed at 30. In a redraft league in h2h how long do you wait to see if he can regain some of his older form? You’ll learn one day.
  6. he’s done. I watched him a lot last year. He sucks and is only getting worse.
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