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  1. Rodgers throws a lot to his RBs. As an owner of Williams in one league and Aaron jones in multiple leagues I know this to be true. I think no Jones, Williams or Dillon means that Rodgers will be throwing a whole lot, and I expect Ervin to be in there for most of the snaps. I like his chances at 5-6 targets and he could turn that into some production for a desperation play at flex/RB if you are in a deep league and dealing with byes/injuries. I'd lean Ervin. That said, Dexter might get a few carries and might be the one getting a run at the goal line. I think it will be Aaron Rodgers SZN tomorr
  2. All good. Aside from a couple money leagues I'm locked into dynasty mode. I play in three 16 team dynasties and none of the names mentioned are available in any league. I just don't think my rankings have changed much based on 4 games. Tee Higgins is probably the lone exception to moving up. I'm high on guys like Pittman and Edwards and refuse to drop them in rankings due to injuries.
  3. Guys like Higgins and Lamb have increased their stock no doubt. But has Pittman/Mims/Edwards hurt their stock because they have been hurt? I own multiple stocks in these 3 in my dynasty leagues and no way am I trading any of these guys for Gabe Davis for example.
  4. I guess I'm confused. Are we talking about dynasty value or 1 year value? If it's dynasty, does 4 games really change the projections of these rookie WRs?
  5. 1 last spot remaining Very active group of managers ready to begin a startup draft in the coming days. Email me quickly to claim the last available spot.
  6. 5 spots remaining Looking for active and dedicated managers
  7. I've played in numerous dynasty leagues in all 4 sports for the past 12-13 years. Still in a very strong dynasty football league that just completed year 12 so I have seen first hand what it takes to run a successful dynasty league. I have run leagues in the past so this isn't new territory for me by any means. The league will be 16 teams and through Yahoo! - There is no money involved. The draft will be offline, either through a chat or a forum. The plan is to keep it simple and not have anyone signing up for a bunch of sites/applications. After the draft everything will be run thro
  8. No giant leap from Powell coming. He is just a piece for us. My guess is that there will be multiple different starters at SG and the hot hand approach will be in effect. Don't rule out guys like RHJ and Stanley Johnson for having some impact as the season goes along. They clearly aren't reaching the hype we had on them when they were drafted, but they can defend and will have their few games a year that gets us excited about them again. Powell has stretches of effectiveness mixed in with stretches where he looks bad - I don't really expect that to change. BTW, raps fan that probab
  9. Completely agree. The system is broken for the RB position. The most exciting position in football should be compensated. However, the argument at hand is whether or not Pollard can hold down the position and my belief from what I have read and considering the o-line factor is that he will be able to...
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