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  1. This guy went from probable to doubtful in less then 24 hours. really pisses me off as i choose to start him in my weekly lineup over lowry since i thought he would at least be guaranteed to be playing
  2. i mean there's no way that this games stats wont count correct? Not sure what yahoo is doing
  3. ugh...Any idea who? and will this result in contact tracing with the Hornets as well. I have 4 players on my fantasy team from spurs and hornets. cant afford these missed games
  4. anyone with insights into LCL sprains? would he have been able to play (and be as effective as he was) if it were something serious?
  5. when can we expect everyone to suite up and play for there new teams?
  6. Ive owned Dolla for the last 4 years. He would sometimes start slow but you could always count on him to provide value top 15 or better. Im starting to get concerned that this may not be the case this year...Something is off, still solid but not what a lot of us were hoping for.
  7. You're welcome Gordon owners. Benched him this week in my weekly lineup league. Expect this production to continue through Sunday
  8. I see the post where it indicates he is not serving jail time or home confinement until season is over but nothing in regards to whether the nba is suspending him...
  9. do you have source or link that confirms this? wish i knew this last week as im in a weekly lineup league and have been afraid to play him
  10. I'm concerned. Alex Smith does not throw downfield at all, just loves to check down. if it wasn't for a crazy play where Terry didn't get tackled by three guys and then scamper for 70 yds and a TD he would have had a pretty poor day overall. Especially after Alex came in. Think he came in at the end of 1st quarter and if you eliminate that big play he only had like 3-4 catches for 25-30 yards with alex. And they trailed the entire game and needed to throw.
  11. is anyone else concerned about his performances the last 2 weeks? only 3 and 5 targets in those games and his rushing yards have been non existent. If he was playing anyone but ATL who he dominated earlier in year id be nervous and consider benching (im in Guillotine league and player pool considerably better then typical leagues)
  12. King usually covers the bigger more athletic receivers. My guess is he will be on Evans
  13. same man. Like a drug I cant kick. "the Value is there" i say to myself.
  14. strings together 3-4 good games in a row so decide to plug him into my weekly lineup with the juicy 4 game week.... When will I learn. Still think the potential is there to be a good fantasy player but the inconsistency is maddening
  15. He had somewhat of an Iron man reputation. All these DNPs lately just soured me a little. I play weekly set lineups head to Head leagues. His counting stats are why I draft him but if hes sitting randomly really hurts the value
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