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  1. Keenan Allen. He was drafted late. Drafted as a WR3. Top 5 WR.
  2. Many pitchers have reinvented themselves as they age. Many pitchers throwing in the upper 80s and low 90s have been very successful. He has had success before. John Smoltz wasn't the same pitcher in his later years that he was in his early.
  3. Wade Davis with another save. Still no believers? 2 years removes from being one of the best closers in baseball. I think many are going to miss out this year.
  4. I think it's more to the fact of him having first to adapt to not having AB on the other side of the field. Then to lose his QB in week 2, he was on a sinking ship in 2019. For the numbers, the guy had 2 of the best seasons in WR history for his first two seasons in the NFL. I think you can attribute some of the that to having AB on the other side but I don't think you can discount him after one wrecked season. He is a strong buy for me this year.
  5. 1st half of the 2019 season....... PATS D was head and shoulders above everyone. Last half, middle of the pack. Without Brady and without a "dominant" D, I'll be letting someone else draft them. Coach Bill can't tackle on the field.
  6. Going Pittsburgh. Monday night. Season on the line. Bengals suck. Last two games have been down to the wire. I don't see how they don't win.
  7. I'm benching. HIs matchups are really bad, so I'm not taking the chance.
  8. Crazy to think that Melancon gets a shot to close? He has by far the most career saves from their bunch. He's been pitching fairly well this season.
  9. I like it. It shows the confidence they have in him. Maybe they'll keep him up this time.
  10. I've had him in my lineup since I've acquired him about a month ago....but I've been thinking of benching this week due to the massive amount of lefties this week. I think 4? Hard to bench after last week though.
  11. No, the reason they have a good farm system is because they spend twice as much as most of the majors. They can get who they want and then trade them away for good prospects. They can give up 2 prospects if they want. They can just sign 3 or 4 big free agents after the season and then trade them away for better prospects.
  12. 2 World Series losses in 2 years and no titles in how many years? With the highest payroll in baseball? I think they may pay whatever it takes. Vasquez is the ultimate team guy. He'll pitch how many or wherever you need him to unlike many of these deva closers.
  13. The Pirates don't need Lux. They have many MI in their system. Smith would have to be in the deal. And probably May. Vazquez has 4 more years remaining on his deal and a very cheap price. The Dodgers are really hungry for a title. It's going to have to take a "Chapman" deal like the Cubs gave a few years back. Is a title worth it LA?
  14. Many pitchers have had high ERAs and then became better pitchers later in their careers. He's been lights out. Thrown into a poor situation today.
  15. I think there is a very good chance that Romo is the closer and Rogers moves back to the fireman. The Twins like him there and he's a lefty. That doesn't mean they won't leave him in for a 2 inning save or even the traditional save from time to time. They know he's their best bullpen arm and like to use him accordingly. I never got the feeling that they wanted him as the closer all season. The rest of the pen was terrible. Everyone knew they would be adding at least one arm before the trade deadline. Romo can get the job done and will come a lot cheaper than some of the other names mentioned.
  16. Kela will be moved. The team suspended him this week after being out since April. He did something to one of the managers. The local news stations were talking about it yesterday. Crick should be the guy. If Vasquez goes, they may blow the entire team up. (not that I'm saying that wouldn't be a bad thing)
  17. Nobody is trading for Melancon and his salary unless they are getting something very valuable as well.
  18. Actually...he's went 3 runs or less his past 5 starts. He's been very unlucky with run support. He's still getting Ks and as a Pittsburgh homer, they will fall out of contention and then go on a great winning streak in late August and early September, just in time for the fantasy playoffs. The management will see some small progress in the late season and see no need to change anything going into next year. Wash and repeat.
  19. He's a solid hold in dynasty. The power and talent is real, but he's going to struggle this year. Especially in leagues where Ks count against you. If you're in a straight HR league in which that is all you need him for, he'll be fine this year.
  20. A closer with his experience, 12 out of 15 saves converted and a 2.93 ERA has some leash. He also has a manager that is pretty loyal to his players. That, and there isn't a real threat behind him. He would have to have 2 more terrible outings like the last to lose his spot.
  21. @ Wrigley and @ Fenway....relax. Neither start was "awful" either.
  22. Agree. Cmart is the play. Closermonkey agrees.
  23. There are many teams in which the "biggest asset in the bullpen" isn't the closer. Seems like a lot of speculation with this? One would think that CMart, with his closing experience and their reluctance to make him a starter would slide into the role. Gant has been doing well in the fireman role.
  24. My money is on Melancon. Follow the money and he's actually been pitching well this year.
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