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  1. Maybe Phoenix? Naw he’ll complain about Booker and Ayton too. Lol.
  2. One thing I can say is that ever since the new coach in Chicago, Holidays production fell. I’ll take the change of scenery and see for a couple of more weeks before making a decision. I think it will help Justin as the wings are all just decent at best.
  3. Wizards lost Wall, Dwight, and Markieff. Beal might get shut down as well.
  4. Rather him play, he’s young and needs to continue to develop. Also no Booker tonight. Plus I’m desperate for his points, rebounds, and hopefully blocks tonight.
  5. Just saw this, https://clutchpoints.com/suns-news-sg-devin-booker-has-a-mild-strain-of-hamstring-and-will-be-day-to-day/. He’s day to day with a mild strain.
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