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  1. I wouldn't do it. Aj green is washed up, almost waiver fodder. Mt is injured and other concerns. Jacobs is a clear rb1 and fulgham will be wr2/3 rest of the year with wr1 upside.
  2. I prefer chark although it is hard to trust him with his first game with a new qb. But juju may not be needed in the cowboys game as they have plenty of other weapons to defeat dallas including their defense.
  3. Have a chance to bid and pickup dobbins as he was dropped in my league. Rest of my team - WR - Tyler Lockett, AJ Brown, DJ Chark, Keenan Allen, Robert woods RB - Derrick Henry, James Conner, Kenyan Drake, Melvin Gordon Start 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex, 1 TE I am leaning towards Dobbins due to potential ceiling (and good playoff schedule). Bell is on a good offense but limited due to CEH, play calling with a capped ceiling. Thoughts are appreciated.
  4. He may not be the best fantasy pick amongst QBs (low passing volume) but he has stayed afloat and is currently ranked 14th on Fantasypros (he is ranked 12th in my league). He has been serviceable and have some good weeks as the schedule softens up moving forward. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/stats/qb.php Ranked ahead of Lamar at the moment (I know there was a bye week involved, but still).
  5. Thanks guys. He has DK Metcalf and Jamison Crowder along with Travis Kelce. I reckon he will not accept DK or Travis Kelce instead of Kupp since he is trying to upgrade at WR by asking for AJ brown
  6. I like #1, you have good WR's, a RB is always useful especially since Zeke is struggling this year
  7. I have received an offer of Lamar and Kupp (his team) for Goff and AJ Brown (my team). Rest of my team is WR - Keenan Allen, Tyler Lockett, DJ Chark, Robert Woods RB - Derrick Henry, James Conner, Melvin Gordon, Leveon Bell, Kenyan Drake I feel I need an upgrade at QB but am not sure how much of an upgrade Lamar is over Goff this year. In My league (4 pts/passing TD - 50 PYds/point - Bonus at 300 PYds), Lamar is ranked 18th QB while Goff is 12th. Goff has somehow managed to retain a decent QB value even with low passing volume. Question - Is this a fair trade? Am i lo
  8. What are the thoughts on Chargers Def now that Melvin Ingram is on IR? Not just for this week, nut moving forward. I have Titans, Arizona and LAR available.
  9. I am torn, considering the JETS team being so putrid, even if he comes back and is healthy, how much production will we get? I have other waiver wire guys like Myles Gaskin available and am very tempted to let go
  10. Stop it guys. I am a owner and come here for valuable insight, links to get more details about the player and prospects. This thread is becoming a joke.
  11. I have no faith/trust anymore with Captain check down, easier match ups may be a problem even more since they can just run the ball or dumpoff to RB's. I am thinking of dropping him for a better upside receiver [...]
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