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  1. Yahoo obviously has no idea who this kid is....lmao He actually has been hitting. He's probably not gonna impress that much though unless he can develop some power, although I do think OBP hitters are underrated sometimes.
  2. This guy has shot up the rankings. Anyone been thinking about an ETA on him? Upside like crazy.
  3. I think he has more power than those names, if it keeps improving, which it should. He had the same ISO in college as Longoria. I think he will also have more value in OBP leagues as he walked alot in college. He isn't toolsy, he's a skilled batter. Whether or not he sticks at 3B will be have a big impact on his value.
  4. I'm gonna hold off cause no one anywhere is adding this guy.
  5. So basically you hate when people use logical thought. Arian is an elite top RB, does Powell even have a carry? We all know Arian came out of nowhere... but its not like there is even a RB like that every year. Spiller(hurt/timeshare), Andre Brown(a backup), and Morris(Shanny) are not on that level of value (imo the biggest value surprises at RB). I can see LeShoure being the biggest suprise by year end but even he'll have to fend off Best and probably won't be elite anyway. It is true that the chances Powell becomes Arian are not good, so why be surprised/effected by the opinion of those you
  6. Williams is in-line to be the primary ball carrier. Pow doesn't have a carry through 3 weeks.
  7. She's a perfect 10! Love girls with black hair and light eyes.

  8. Who's the girl in your AV?

    1. And Won

      And Won

      christina ianelli, she's an ex nets dancer and model from my hometown. i think she was also on 1 episode of 30 rock. hot, right?

    2. The Dude Abides

      The Dude Abides

      I went to high school with chrissy. Actually made an account to see how you knew her. Did you go to Allen?

  9. Here's some free ones and my favorites: Kyle Drabek Rick Porcello Mike Minor Michael Pineda
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