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  1. Just realized Aiyuk is out there, he was dropped and just cleared waivers. So he’s another option.
  2. Got Cook and Jacobs in my RB1/2 slots and McLaurin/M.Thomas in my WR1/2 slots, so who do I go with in the flex: C.Davis or Dobbins? Half-PPR
  3. I’d say CEH. I had Gio, outside of the first two weeks after Mixon went down he has been very pedestrian regardless of workload. CEH has a higher potential ceiling so, I’d roll with him.
  4. IF Jacobs plays, do I play him at RB2 or keep Dobbins in? Half-PPR
  5. RB: I agree with the post above CMC and A.Jones for sure. If for some reason CMC doesn't go then I'd also be inclined to roll Hines out there in a PPR. TE: Fant Def: Carolina
  6. I'm in a similar situation. I'd go with Dobbins and Akers to fill your RB2 and flex spots.
  7. I agree with your original assessment: Gallman, Gaskin, Woods and Mostert. Don't overthink it on Woods. The only other option I would consider is Coutee in place of Mostert in the flex but, I like sticking with the guaranteed touches.
  8. Can't believe I'm saying this but, I think I might go with TY this week. Dal too unpredictable so can't trust Lamb and Jax will be playing from behind most likely, but, Chark hasn't been seeing the volume, so I'd roll with Hilton and hope the hot streak continues.
  9. Akers and Gaskin for me as well. As mentioned Sanders has a tough matchup and I just don't trust Gio. He had a few good games when he initially took over for Mixon, but, since then he has been below average. Akers has more upside and Gaskin is the best option of the bunch.
  10. I think I'd also go with Dobbins and Akers as well. I'd consider Chark as a third option, but, I'd probably stick with Dobbins and Akers. As for the D/ST I'd feel more comfortable with KC. Cincy is bad, I just don't trust the Dallas D to do anything much, so KC would be the safer pick. Thanks for the help with mine, GL.
  11. Starting the playoffs in a bad spot with both Jacobs and Gibson most likely out this week, so need to figure out my RB2 situation. Who is the best play this week: Dobbins D.Booker C.Akers (I'd have to drop someone to pick up Akers, most likely Booker since he hasn't really proven to be a valuable insurance policy for Jacobs. Other option would be to drop T.Higgins) And which D/ST for this week: TB vs Min SF vs Wash KC @ Mia
  12. Nice problem to have...Dobbins would be my choice to sit out of that bunch. He's the one with the most question marks regarding workload. Thanks for the help on mine. GL.
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