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  1. I like Hayes more than Toppin, he's in a better situation but might take longer to ramp up as the starting PG.
  2. Maybe Brooks or Ibaka but I wouldn't worry too much about it, once JJJ is back he'll take up that roster spot again.
  3. Close call, I'd wait one more game if Wiggins is the worst you've got.
  4. I still like WCJ better than Williams despite the early hype, and I own both guys in a keeper league.
  5. Noel and Clarke are worst guys on the team to me, but I would hold for 1 more game for those guys. Or try to trade the 2 of them for 1 upgrade and grab Keldon.
  6. I'm trading him based on that jump shot clip alone
  7. I'd hold on to those 3 over Boucher, until he starts to get 24+ minutes per game.
  8. Killian Hayes if you must, assuming it is redraft. If dynasty I'd hold on to both of your guys.
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