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  1. Sent you an email. I’d like to join if it’s still available. Thanks. adk69@rocketmail.com
  2. Hey not sure why it won’t join through the app. I deleted the app and it went to the site fine. I figured you found someone at the time. I checked it on the website tonight. Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner today..just wanted to let you know I wasn’t blowing you off...let me know if you need someone in the future...thanks
  3. I’ve tried looking at the teams but just keeps saying I’m not allowed. Did you get someone? My email adk69@rocketmail.com I’ll check them out if you’re still looking.
  4. Hello, If you still have openings I’d love to join. Either one is fine. I have league safe account and have been playing FF for roughly 10-12 years..thanks! adk69@rocketmail.com
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